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Online Video Based Training Cranham Culp Digital Dental

It is time to leave the Stone Age and join the digital revolution in dentistry!

This self-paced, online video course will ignite your passion for dentistry! Soon the workflows for treatment planning, digital diagnostic waxing, printing of waxups, orthotic/nightguard fabrication, implant planning, surgical guide planning, and printing will be part of your practice culture.

Dr. Cruz-Orcutt learning the treatment planning process at home.

This program is designed for the serious restorative dentist that has a strong desire to make the complete transition to digital. Special emphasis will be placed on putting the facebows and articulators in the closet and embracing the digital records process, state-of-the-art virtual articulation, case planning, digital waxing, and the printing of virtual wax-ups.

The digital process will save you hours of time, increase the accuracy of what you are doing, position you well with your patients, and simply make you better. This self-paced online immersion will give you the details of how to get great scans, manage the data, how to use the 3shape premier software to create a case, select the teeth you will be waxing, how to virtually wax, and how to print your cases. You will also see how easily much of this can be delegated to your personnel. As we progress, we will get into designing splints, implant planning, surgical guide design, printing in your own office, and various ways to look at

What is included:

  • Access to the CCDD Online Lecture Series, the Private CCDD WhatsApp online community, and all of the benefits from level one (CE credits and access to all past lectures).
  • Self Paced Online Digital Immersion Program, providing your team with the tools to be successful. This is critical to mastering of the buttonology of the 3Shape Premier software within the context of planning cases at a very high level. These videos can be for doctors, team members, or both. The program is customizable to fit into any practice.

What each participant will need:

  • An adequate computer to run the three-shape software. This is an important purchase. Please check with us to make sure it is appropriate. The wrong computer can make this very frustrating.
  • The 3Shape Lab software dongle (available through Ivoclar). Ivoclar has partnered with CCDD to support doctors on the purchase and maintenance of the 3Shape Premium Lab Dongle.
  • A scanner to gather the intra-oral data (It doesn’t need to be a Trios)
  • Time blocked for the doctor and/or a team member to do the online core curriculum

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