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Online Lecture Series Cranham Culp Digital Dental

John and Lee started the online lecture series in 2022 with a lineup that is still viewable by subscribers. The goal is to go beyond a simple webinar and do a deep dive into specific subjects, with the ability to ask questions and get them answered. They are expanding on this concept in 2023, bringing in some excellent guest lecturers who will bring their expertise to various subjects. Emphasis will be on digitally driven workflows that allow the general practitioner to add additional revenue streams into their practice. At the center of the curriculum is the 3 part “Evidenced bases series” that, this year,  will focus on implant success, 3D printed materials, and milled ceramics. This information is critical for long-term clinical success in these areas.

Doctors will have the option to purchase the lectures individually, or they can subscribe to the whole series. Subscribers will have continued access to the video of each event, have the ability to receive 2.5 CE credits for each online lecture, and join the private CCDD WhatsApp online community. It will also include access to the CCDD Day, which is the day prior to the Whipmix Annual Symposium annually (it does not include the registration to the whipmix event). 

2023 CCDD Online Lecture Series Line Up

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