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2024 Online Lecture Series Cranham Culp Digital Dental

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In 2021 the the goal of the CCDD Online Lecture series was for you and your dental team to see some of the hottest speaker in dentistry in the comfort of your home or office.  The Keynote line up of speakers for 2024 is exceptional, and takes this goal to another level!

As a subscriber you will receive access to the zoom link to spend time with these exceptional speakers, 3 receive CEUs for each presentation. In 2024 all programs will be recorded with the exception of Dr. Chiche.  To see this exceptional teacher, you must attend live. Programs are typically Friday mornings from 9-12.

Additionally, Dr. Cranham and Lee Culp will have multiple additional presentations related to the implementation of digital workflows, or emerging technologies in the digital space. These will happen throughout the year.

Lastly, subscribers will have access to all the 16 previously recorded 3 hour online lectures from 2022 and 2023, all related to high end restorative dentistry, utilizing digital workflows.

CCDD 2024 Lecture Series (3 hour presentations)

  1. Ceramic Materials & Cementation, Debunking Common Myths- Shashikant Singhal, B.D.S., M.S.
  2. Esthetic Rehabilitations: 10 Units and Up- Dr. Gerald Chiche
  3. Timeless Restorative Principles/Contemporary Digital Workflows- John Cranham DDS & Lee Culp CDT
  4. Bite Splints in the Restorative Practice- Dr. Lee Brady
  5. Photography, Preps and Provisionals: Critical Steps Esthetic Excellence- Dr. Adamo Notarantonio

See detailed course descriptions here!

Past Years

CCDD 2023 Lecture Series (3 hour presentations)

  1. Biologic Clincheck Design-Dr. Mark Hodge
  2. A Strong Foundation-Guidelines for Implant Success-Dr. Pio Modi
  3. Equilbration in a Digital World-John C. Cranham DDS
  4. Connecting the Dots with your 3 Shapes Lab Software-Dr. Naren Rajan
  5. Drilling Down on Invisalign Case Design-Dr. Mark Hodge
  6. In House Digital Denture Design with Dr. Charlie Wahl & Lee Culp CDT
  7. The 3Shape-CEREC Connection with Dr. Noemi Cruz-Orcutt & Dr. Andrea Schmidt

CCDD 2022 Lecture Series (3 hour presentations)

  1. Complex Case Planning-The FAESAD Method-John C. Cranham DDS
  2. Digital Denture Workflow-Lee Culp CDT
  3. Organizing Digital Workflows-John C Cranham DDS
  4. Worn Dentition Part 1-John Cranham DDS
  5. Worn Dentition Part 2-Fabrication “toppers” -Lee Culp CDT
  6. Smile Design and Tooth Form-Lee Culp CDT
  7. Sleep Disordered Breathing-Drew Cobb DDS
  8. Implant Planning  with RealGuide Software-John Cranham DDS
  9. Diagnosis and Treatment of the ALL on X Patient-John Cranham DDS & Lee Culp CDT


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