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1-On-1 Coaching Cranham Culp Digital Dental

This online clinical coaching program is designed for the serious restorative dentist. While it is meant to go along with “CCDD Digital Designer” online video program, Dr. Cranham will also work with Doctors who have the desire to reach other personal goals. In the two years of doing this, older experienced doctors may need additional help learning buttonology, as this generation does not have the same level of experience with technology. Younger doctors seem to learn the technology rapidly but may lack experience in treatment planning complex cases.

Doctors will have the ability to sign up for 45-minute coaching sessions. One of the most exciting things about utilizing this technology is to be able to sit hundreds of miles away from one another, in the comfort of our own homes, and view Xrays, photographs, virtual mounted diagnostic casts, and come up with solutions, together, as if you were sitting side by side. This technology is transforming how people learn.

What is included:

  • All of the benefits from the CCDD Digital Designer Level.
  • A minimum of 1- 45 minute coaching session per month, and additional sessions if times are available.
  • The ability to attend the  “sharpening the saw” live sessions (if space is available). A small charge will apply for food and beverage for the day. This is a one-day session where a doctor or team member comes with their computer and 3Shapes dongle and work on implementation. 

For Doctors who are doing the “Transition to Digital 2.0” online class..you will need the following:

-An adequate laptop computer to run the three-shape software

-The 3Shape Lab software dongle (available through Whipmix)

-A scanner to gather the intra-oral data (It doesn’t need to be a Trios)

-45-60 minutes a month for a coaching call

-Time blocked for the doctor and/or a team member to do the online core curriculum

-A teachable spirit

How To Sign Up

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