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1-On-1 Coaching Cranham Culp Digital Dental

This online clinical coaching program is designed for the serious restorative dentist. Coaching is designed to go along with  “CCDD Digital Designer” online video program. The goal of CCDD Coaching is to work with Doctors and team members to implement to 100% digital workflows. It has been our experience that coaching tends to create a level of accountability, and helps fill in some of the gaps with both the “buttonology” of the software, as well as the execution of the workflows related to complex treatment planning, creating restorations, technology implementation, and output creation

Doctors or team members will have the ability to sign up for 45-minute coaching sessions. One of the most exciting things about utilizing this technology is to be able to sit hundreds of miles away from one another, in the comfort of our own homes, and view Xrays, photographs, virtual mounted diagnostic casts, and come up with solutions, together, as if you were sitting side by side. This technology is transforming how people learn.

Meet your coaches

  • Dr. John C. Cranham
  • Dr. Charlie Wahl
  • Dr. Noemi Cruz-Orcutt
  • Charity Carpenter CDA

Sessions are charged per visit.

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